What is Divine Purpose Magazine?

Divine Purpose Magazine is a bridge which connects you and your God-given purpose. It is the answer to learning how to live the perfect will of God, through discovering, understanding and walking in your divine purpose.

With a potential reach of over 26M persons around the world, we are a movement in the end times to push people into discovering and walking in their God-given purpose.

We operate as a bridge between you and the will of God, guiding you to the resources, people, strategies and Scriptures to help you live out God's perfect will for your life.

We are here to inspire and encourage you on your journey of divine purpose-driven living.

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Done with utmost excellence

The Divine Purpose Magazine is done with the utmost excellence. Every article meets the reader right where they are and is a divine word for a divine time.

Colette Schaffer

Wife, mother, music teacher, pastor, and author

Fantastic, honest and deep

Fantastic, honest and deep magazine full of God’s word and purpose for our life. I recommend it to everyone, Christians and non Christians.

Rachel Walker Mason

Award-Winning Songwriter, Passionate Mental Health Ambassador, Best-Selling Author

Great course of encouragement and inspiration

What a great source of encouragement and inspiration this magazine is. So many helpful and inspiring articles that help you focus on faith and healing, and living in the truth of the gospel.

Betty Predmore

Writer, blogger, speaker, ministry leader and Certified Christ-Based Counselor

Heartfelt, Informative and Entertaining

Divine Purpose Magazine arrived in my inbox at exactly the right time.

During a night of insomnia, I read it cover-to-cover. The articles seemed written just for me, even though a different author penned each one. I usually experience deep exhaustion after those restless nights. Instead, DPM provided mental, emotional, and spiritual refreshment, and helped me greet the sunrise with joy.

Heartfelt, informative and entertaining, the articles are brief enough to read in a few minutes, while the magazine overall is engaging enough to read entirely in one sitting (or bout of insomnia).

In an age of YouTube and podcasts, sometimes we overlook the written word, but you won’t want to miss Divine Purpose Magazine.

Becky Antkowiak


Inspiring and Heartwarming Articles

This magazine is very inspirational and uplifting! I have thoroughly enjoyed the writers telling their stories and showing how they have triumphed in their divine purpose. It provides encouraging content that guides women to live a life according to God’s divine purpose. This is a great read for all Christian women.

Carol Ensminger

Christian Author

From the Blog

A Still Small Voice

Have you ever expected God to speak to you one way and He comes an entirely different way? Sometimes we expect Him to speak through a strong wind (I Kings…

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Love Regardless

My daughter sheepishly walked out on our deck that sunny summer afternoon.  She had dropped out of high school several years earlier and been wandering through life trying to find…

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His Well Never Runs Dry

In 2018, I attended a writers’ conference. I wanted to learn everything I could about writing for the Christian market so that God could expand my writing ministry. I had…

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A Reminder To Shine

This world can feel like such a dark place. Sometimes, if I let it, my own life can feel dark, lonely, and cold. Troubles come, things feel hopeless, problems seem…

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A Test Of Faith

Have you ever failed a test not once, not twice but three times?  I have.  I asked myself, “What did I not understand?”  “Was I not paying attention?”  After my…

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Do You Need A Road Map?

Have you ever gotten lost? Have you ever driven around for hours trying to figure out where you are? This happened to me the other day.  I went to visit…

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Springs of Living Water

During my teen years I went though a long period of emotional darkness, depression, and emptiness. I was utterly lonely despite having people around me. Have you ever felt that…

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Being In The Stillness

There is a giant void in the space where words used to flow like a spring, fresh from a deep unlimited reservoir. Now, I can scarcely focus on a single…

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Right There Waiting

I’m feeling a little low today. Lots going on in my life lately, some of it exhausting and troubling, some of it exciting and invigorating. Truth be told, I am…

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What did Jesus do when His Soul got Overwhelmed?   “Jesus got overwhelmed?!” Did you find yourself asking that question as you read the title of this blog? I did too…

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