Divine Purpose Magazine Embraces the Findings of the Lausanne Movement's "State of the Great Commission" Report

Bridgetown, Barbados (May 4, 2024) – Following the presentation on April 22 at the recently concluded EPA Convention, Divine Purpose Magazine is thrilled to announce its commitment to integrating the insights from the Lausanne Movement's "State of the Great Commission" report into its content strategy for Christian content creators.

The Lausanne Movement, renowned for its global influence in Christian missions, unveiled the report on April 16, 2024. This landmark document, crafted in collaboration with over 150 leading Christian thinkers globally, seeks to navigate the church's mission through to 2050. It meticulously addresses ten pivotal questions, offering an analysis of current activities, a forward-looking perspective, and regional considerations. The report, initially published in English, has been made accessible in six additional languages, highlighting its global significance.

Implications for Christian Content Creators and Publishers:

1. Navigating the Digital Landscape: In an era where digital platforms profoundly shape identities and communities, Divine Purpose Magazine recognizes the imperative to develop strategies that transcend traditional content delivery. The magazine is set to focus on creating content that not only resonates with the digital-native generation but also fosters genuine connections and discussions across digital borders.

2. Addressing the Question of Humanness: With technological advancements challenging the essence of what it means to be human, there is a critical need for content that explores the Christian perspective on humanity. Divine Purpose Magazine is poised to offer resources that address these existential questions, providing hope and redemption through the gospel in a manner that resonates with contemporary audiences.

3. Reaching New Demographics: Acknowledging significant demographic shifts, including the rise of the global middle class and an aging population, Divine Purpose Magazine aims to tailor its content to meet the diverse needs of these groups. This includes creating impactful content for the middle class that addresses their unique challenges and aspirations, as well as developing resources for the spiritual needs of the aging population.

Three Reasons to Pay Attention to the Report:

1. Strategic Insight: The report offers invaluable insights into the current and future directions of global Christian missions. Divine Purpose Magazine is dedicated to aligning its content and strategies with the broader mission of the church, leveraging these insights for strategic planning.

2. Global Collaboration: As a product of global collaboration, the report reflects a wide range of perspectives. Divine Purpose Magazine is inspired to seek partnerships and participate in the collective effort to fulfill the Great Commission, embracing the spirit of global collaboration.

3. Adaptation to Change: The report's analysis of global shifts and challenges equips Divine Purpose Magazine to adapt its content and methods to remain relevant and impactful in a rapidly changing world. This commitment to adaptation ensures that the magazine continues to serve as a vital resource for Christian content creators and publishers.

Accessing the Report:

The "State of the Great Commission" report is available for download at www.lausanne.org/report. Divine Purpose Magazine encourages content creators, publishers, and the broader Christian community to engage with the report's findings and recommendations, which offer a detailed roadmap for addressing the pressing issues facing global Christian missions today and in the future.

About Divine Purpose Magazine:

Divine Purpose Magazine is our readers' answer to learning how to live the perfect will of God, through discovering, understanding and walking in their divine purpose. With a potential reach of over 26 Million persons around the world, we operate as a bridge between readers and the will of God, guiding them to the resources, people, strategies and scriptures to help them live out God's perfect will for their lives. We are here to inspire and empower our readers on the journey so that they can identify and fulfill their divine purpose.


Dr. Vicki L. Otaruyina
Editor-In-Chief, Divine Purpose Magazine
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DM Press Release - Findings of the Lausanne Movement's State of the Great Commission Report

U.S. Christian Chamber Spiritual World Citizens 2024 Business Expo and World Conference Kicks Off with Inspirational Keynote Speakers and Breakout Sessions

Orlando, Florida (April 18, 2024) – The U.S. Christian Chamber Spiritual World Citizens 2024 Business Expo and World Conference commenced with an electrifying start as hundreds of attendees gathered to witness Krystal Parker, President of the US Christian Chamber of Commerce, and Jerry Demings, Mayor of Orange County, cutting the ribbon to inaugurate the event.

Throughout the morning session, attendees were enlightened by keynote speakers who delivered impactful messages. Key takeaways included the urgent call for kingdom business owners to prioritize seeking God's kingdom above all else. Speakers emphasized the importance of boldness in pursuing the vision God has placed in their hearts and the necessity of resting in God's guidance for success.

David Docusen addressed the significance of rest, both in God's presence and in practical terms, as a key component of achieving success in business. Tamra Andress challenged attendees to confront their limiting beliefs and take action to overcome them, highlighting the ever-changing landscape of social media algorithms and the need for divine connection guided by obedience to God's leading.

Bill Yeargin emphasized the importance of fostering a culture of care for employees and meeting their needs as a pathway to business success. Nowruzi delved into the topic of identity, urging business owners to understand their true identity and declaring powerful "I AM" statements to affirm their purpose and calling.

The morning concluded with dynamic breakout sessions, providing attendees with valuable insights and practical strategies to implement in their businesses.

Day One Schedule Highlights:

  • Ribbon cutting ceremony with Krystal Parker and Jerry Demings
  • Keynote speeches on seeking God's kingdom, boldness in business, and the power of rest
  • Insights on overcoming limiting beliefs and navigating social media challenges
  • Emphasis on fostering employee care and understanding identity
  • Dynamic breakout sessions providing actionable strategies for business growth

As the conference continues, attendees can look forward to more inspiring speakers, engaging sessions, and networking opportunities aimed at empowering Christian business owners to thrive in the marketplace while staying true to their faith.

For more information and updates, visit www.divinepurposemagazine.net


Dr. Vicki L. Otaruyina


vicki@divinepurposemagazine.net / vicki@divinepurposepubnlishing.net

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