Magazine Submission Guidelines



Dear Writer,

Thank you in advance for your submission. Kindly pay close attention to these guidelines before submitting your content for Divine Purpose Magazine.

Your content must show any of the following:


  • The steps that you have put in place in order to walk in God's divine purpose for your life.
  • The miracle-working power of God in your life How you used your faith in God and His Scriptures to get on a road to recovery.
  • How your experience has helped to mold you or others to walk in your divine purpose



  • Tell of His Goodness (Showcasing testimonies of any kind from persons across the globe)
  • Godly Parenting
  • Marriage God's Way
  • Chaste Style
  • Balanced Living (Tips on how to maintain balance in life: in body, mind, spirit, soul)
  • Kingdom business/finances
  • Good Health (We will feature exercise and healthy recipes)
  • Prayers That Heal (Prayers for healing and deliverance)
  • Author Features

We welcome the following content categories in order to develop the theme.
  • Teaching/educational articles
  • Essays
  • Testimonies
  • Stories
  • Poems
  • Tips
  • Prayers
Content must be 500-750 words and must be edited to the best of the writer's knowledge.
Contet must be original and not posted or published anywhere else.
All articles must be written in Arial 12 and submitted in a Microsoft Word document.

Although, contributing and guest writers are not compensated financially there are still benefits to becoming a writing partner with us. Writers will have the opportunity to:
  • Empower and inspire people globally
  • Gain exposure for their brand or ministry
  • Exercise one's writing gift & more

Writers maintain the rights to their published work and will receive credit. DPM reserves the right to edit content before publishing it and may make minor changes to wording, length, and title. We also reserve the right to decline articles if it does not align with the publisher's business ethics, the magazine's purpose, or consists of major grammatical errors.

All content must be rooted in the Scripture. Please ensure that you following the format of Scripture references outlined in the submission guidelines on page 2.




Include a 5-7 sentence bio with website link and social media handle information.

Please include a high resolution professional photo


The quarterly deadlines for submissions and ad placements are as follows:

  1. WINTER/JANUARY ISSUE | Published in December | DEADLINE— SEPTEMBER 30
  2. SPRING/APRIL ISSUE | Published in March | DEADLINE— DECEMBER 30
  3. SUMMER/JULY ISSUE | Published in June | DEADLINE— MARCH 30
  4. FALL/OCTOBER ISSUE | Published in September | DEADLINE— JUNE 30
Special editions of the magazine will be shared with our writer's list when available.
ISSUE THEMES: All writers will be given advanced notice of each issues theme.



If your article or submission does not fit with the theme for the quarterly magazine's issue, it may be filed for future consideration.

Not all submissions will be accepted because we want to present the best to our readers.


  • Wrong genre (an article type that we don’t publish)
  • Too similar to a past article
  • Content not compelling
  • Poorly written
  • Wrong length
  • Wrong timing for the quarterly theme


SUBMIT YOUR CONTENT: Authors must be available to provide additional information as needed for the completion of an article to the satisfaction of the editor.

WHERE TO SEND ARTICLE SUBMISSIONS: Access the submission form here.