The Role of The Woman To Hide The Man: An Example Taken From Rahab

I have recognized from experience that God often wants women to know that one of the main purposes/roles of the woman is to HIDE THE MAN. 

I recently started to talking to God about the role of a praying woman and He simply responded by saying, “Joshua 2”. 

In knowing that God always has a great answer, I read the scripture and as soon as I saw what Rahab had done, the Holy Spirit said that true purpose of the woman to the cover the man, just as Rahab did. 

Despite who Rahab was, God uses her to show that the woman is called to hide the man from the enemy.  He has revealed that this word “hide” also means “to pray”.

So many men fall today and are attacked by the enemy because the women are not praying for them. Women are natural carriers, they are natural care takers. This is why God called the woman a “help-meet” from the beginning. Women are called to help the men.

The king of Jericho (the enemy) sent out to find the men who were seen with Rahab and you know what? She did not expose them to the enemy, she hid them. She did all in her power to cover them so that the enemy could not get them (Read Joshua 2 and see). Yes they were spies but God sent them to spy for His purpose. It is time to cover our men.

So many women these days are seen exposing men before the enemy, by simply not praying for them. The men are called to be spiritual leaders, so the devil already has tabs out of the men, but like Rahab, the woman is called to cover the man and hide him (in prayer) from the enemy.

The story of Rahab in Joshua 2 is more than a story of a harlot who hid two spies in her home and told a lie about not having them in her house, but rather a story which defines the true purpose of the woman…

In looking at the Scripture, Rahab didn’t just hide them, but according to the Greek word for hid (tsaphan), Rahab was covering and protecting them, not just from random men, but men who represented the enemy. These were men who could have potentially killed them and ultimately abort the purpose which God had set out in Joshua.

Yes she covered them with stalks of flax (Joshua 2: 6) but there is yet a deep spiritual interpretation to Rahab’s actions.

As soon as I read this The Holy Spirit immediately showed me that Rahab represents the praying woman and her role to constantly hide the man from the enemy in prayer.

How many of us continue dedicate ourselves to praying for today’s males?
It didn’t have anything to do with being married nor being a help meet, because Rahab wasn’t married.
Husbands, sons, nephews, cousins….need the prayers of the women. They are called to naturally hide and protect the males in prayer. The males need to be covered by women.

Many of our males fall because the ladies who are called to hid them and protect them; the wives, mothers etc, are not doing what they are supposed to be doing.

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